I was a guest lecturer for three lectures in the course “Linear Algebra and Optimisation” at ITU, teaching a short introduction to multivariate calculus.

2015 – 2020:
During my DPhil I have been a teaching assistant for the Software Engineering Programme, a part-time Master’s education programme aimed at working professionals. The courses in this programme are offered in the form of one-week, full-time modules.
Between Oct 2015 to Sept 2020 I taught the following modules:
Software Engineering Mathematics (SEM), running 2x a year.
Algorithmics (ALG), running 2x a year.
Functional Programming (FPR), running 2x a year.
Concurrency and Distributed Systems (CDS), running 1x a year.

I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the SoftEng team and I would have continued being involved in this wonderful programme, but sadly Brexit has made it impossible for me to do so while living abroad.